Before the Feast of Sacrifice

Before the Feast of Sacrifice

As it is known; Turkey has an important place for the breeding market with its’ employment and proceeds.The Feast of Sacrifice is a huge organization which covers all the bases about breeding nearly 2 million cattle and small cattle, carrying over, making the sales, organizing the marketing and sacrificing activities of these animals. 

Unless required precautions are not taken or substructures are not prepared at the right time,  the health problems about people and animals are going to accompany some problems about environment.

Only a few days to the feast, I would like to share some practical information about feeding and selection of the sacrificial lamb. 

While buying our sacrificial lambs; we should be careful about the animals which do not have ear drops  passports, certificates of origin and veterinary sanitary reports.

Additionally, we should be attentive not to buy the animals which are overreacted or insusceptible to the environment, also scraggy, pregnant, hypertermic, too young or immature ones. 

Our sacrificial lambs should not be fed too much before the sacrificing period. We should be attentive not to feed our animals with home- cooking or pigwash. They should be fed with qualified hay, clover or concentrate feed. ( You can reach us by calling 0 (800) 415 13 19 to be able to get information about Çamlı feeds ). Feeding should be given up 12-14 hours before sacrifice. Moreover, there should be a plenty of water for them not to feel droughtiness. 

Another important matter is that; we should sacrifice our lambs in the places which are approved by the institutions. Besides, we should avoid from the behaviours which they are going to get stressed before sacrifice and we should be careful about folding and securing our lambs professionally by avoiding badgering and using violence. 

Moreover, we should give importance to hemorrhage, correspondingly eliminate the internal organs of the lambs in 30 minutes and we shouldn’ t feed them during the sacrificing period. Especially the organs such as liver and lung shouldn’ t be given to the street animals because of the possibility for carrying cyst and grume inside it. 

We should be attentive to carry dead meats in vessels with the aim of protecting our health and put these in coolers after the decrease from sacrificing temperature to the room temperature. A growing bacteria in the meat, can easily reach to more than 15 milliard in a day. Because of this reason, we should be attentive about storage be able to avoid health problems. 

That is all I can mention about ‘ The Feast of Sacrifice ‘. Thanks for sparing time. 

Have a Happy Bairam! :)

Arda Yüceege
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