Fish on Shore and Fish on Pan; Here You Go!

Fish on Shore and Fish on Pan; Here You Go!

Fish On Shore and Fish On Pan; Here You Go!

The taste of fish is irreplaceable for all of us. It is one of the tastiest nutrition source in our daily life. So that; we desire it everyday even if we do not eat. As Çamlı; we are all together with the fish which are being mentioned and we first carry these marine animals to the surface, then to the pan.  

There is a point which should crucially be focused on that the term ‘ Online Marketing ‘ is required for panning transactions. Don’ t show reactions like the fish will be eaten whatever it is. Contrarily, show conscious reactions as being conscious consumers by harmonising to the innovations in social media. 

Who are these conscious consumers? What are the points that differentiate them from others?

Conscious consumers; 

Are always aware of the reasons for consuming.

Always have specific aims and go ahead in the directions of their consciousness.

The level of their awareness are advanced and they all know to take credit both from what and from where. 

Let’ s continue to mention about Online Marketing. All of the things that are mentioned for conscious consumers are involved in this new interest of people. 

In other words;

I am going to buy this fish but show me a reason or create a need for me to buy it.

Show me a fish on shore and let me look at it on a pan... 

As it is required to mention about the product range of Çamlı; trout, sea bream and sea bass are seen as products. 

Pınar Fish Sea Bass and Sea Bream which are fed with Çamlı BioAqua Fish Feeds are granted with Superior Taste Award; a first and only reward by International Taste & Quality Institude in 2015. We are proud of providing this happiness to Turkey. 

The Fish Which are Fed with BioAqua are tasty! 

Duty for all of us, as being the fish consumers is going to be to take these fish on shore to the pans and taste as much as we want. 

As looking at the situation, we are well- nourished with these various sources. But do we know how are our fish feeds? 

Growmax For Our Trouts

Growmax feeds have high- oil content and they are used to grow the nutritional profile of the trouts as a reference and to use these in the harvest period with ‘ The Closest to the Natural ‘ breeding consciousness.

The sources of qualified raw materials and the rate of digestible protein and energy are balanced in an optimum level. Essential amino acids which are the needs of fish are provided from the qualified fish meal and energy, besides essential oil acids which are obligated for protecting health and taste are provided from fish oil. The marine origin raw materials which are being used in Growmax feeds, support fish health and meat quality.

Camlı Growmax serial includes some specific contributions intended to support the fish health and development besides its’ digestible and qualified protein and energy sources. The digestive system which has a determinant role for the life quality of fish and performance is optimized with the contributions of Growmax. Protection and vibration increase and fish adaptation is supported against reversals of the life conditions such as heat, oxygen, saltness etc. Thus, an improvement for feeding is seen in health status and growth performance with the synergistic effects of the materials.

It includes phospholipids and omega oil acids for improving the oil acid absorption and the cell membrane permeability. Essential amino acids and calcium are balanced with phosphor sources. 

Simplex Grower Feeds For Our Sea Bass

Grower feeds are formulized with optimal combination of the high digestible and qualified feed raw materials. Zoological and botanical sources in its’ content are organized toward the experimental works which are based on acquired datas with the aim of improving optimum growth performance. Essential amino acids which are assumed as the needs of fish are prepared from qualified fish meal and essential oil acids which are neccessary for protecting health and taste. 

Essential amino acids and calcium are balanced with phosphor sources for histogenesis and vitamins and minerals are supported for our fish. 

Pre- Grower Feeds For Our Sea Bream

Our Çamlı pre- grower feeds conclude a feeding group which handles the fish in the juvenil phase from their fingerling period to growth. While the high- digestible raw- materials satisfy the nutritional needs of fish, the digestive system which specifies life quality and performance of the fish, is optimized with some specific contributions. 

Adaptation to disease factors and seasonable changes become easier in the farming process for the healthy fish. Thus, resistance of the fish which are in a growth period is supported against changeable external factors.

With the aim of providing healthy nutrition for our fish, these feeds that are mentioned above are produced in various types as being suitable to every age groups and every conditions. 

The answer of Çamlı for the ‘ What is the reason for preferring fish as a nutrition? ‘ question can be seen above. 

Wish You Awesome Days with Those Various Delicious Fish.  

İdil Yengil
Pınar Balık Bioaqua Alabalık Çipura Levrek Sea Bass Sea Bream Balık Yemleri Simplex Multimax Önbesi Yemi Trout Fish Feeds Pre- Grower Feeds Çamlı Yem Çamlı Feed Pınar Fish

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