I believe that it's time to do a spring cleaning, dusting out my blog corner for which I could allocate time for a long while. In fact I’ve mentioned ''since it's snowed outside" in my previous article. It means that season is a cycle; we have opened a new one. We have seen a windy first quarter of the New Year in economic and political aspect all over the world. Some has filled sails and some could not avoid being capsized in the wind; however I think we will see an increase in these windy effects until the end of the year. Captains who may see the clouds well and benefit from a limited amount of provisions in hand will be able to have safe harbors. This provision management is of course a hard work, reducing the supply too much or completely consuming it also mean either to lose sailors in the arms of hunger and disease or not to be able to arrive in the port.

Accurate calculations certainly to be done before departing are of great importance. Sailing period, number of people, food storage areas and so on, however in order to implement the plan on the table in all conditions, captain needs to use "resource management authority" in the best way. According to Turkish language society, there is one word that precisely describes this situation; A word of Arabic origin; 'Savings' meaning '' to have the right and authority to spend, to possess, to manage and to process''.

Please take a brief look at the countries enriched by long sea voyages. British, for example, connect this issue to a regulation by King's orders in 1824, thus determined the amount of provisions to be supplied and their frequency of use on board with the rules. So provisions distributed on board are restricted in a planned manner, however this action becomes "Savings" when they arrive safely in the port.

If the amount you save is not turned into an investment, your stocks increase while your employees, production and income decrease, thus you go downsizing. This is not savings, but deductions to obtain it. Kolomb was forced to resorting to this option in his second visit to America. Their provisions had come to the point of exhaustion; its cause was unknown, in those days, too. Scurvy due to the lack of vitamin C was eating up his men. Kolomb decided to cut back on something on August 3, 1492 and he continued on his path, leaving a few of his sick sailors behind in a small island. He took a risk for navigation, reducing the number of seamen.

Mr. Semih Özkiper whose article I have come across during my research relevant to the topic explains the deduction matter as follows:

“The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about savings is not to make any expenditure or not to consume anything. Thus, the money remaining in our safe has been saved. It is deduction not to spend money for something. As a result of deduction, money is not spent but you also abandon a portion of your income. 

Money is not spent on new machinery, you may accept poor performance and maintenance costs, you do not advertise and accept low sales; you do not spend money on automation and are willing to personnel costs.


Of course you can save money when buying. However, you should keep in mind that "Cheap" product is actually much more expensive. British Royal Navy has never tried to save by purchasing cheap and poor quality food. They are aware for almost 500 years that such an erroneous "savings to be made when purchasing are a great loss to be melt in the grip of the disease at one point in the ocean.

Well, how we'll save?

By qualifying the word and possessing the authority to spend, In order to reduce the amount of money which will come from our pocket in the long run, we will make a planned cycle of savings and growth, turning our deductions into investment by purchasing the right product at the right time and amount.

Today, I wanted to exercise on some issues crossing my mind and on which I received no training academically. I wish to see you excuse my brave. I am waiting for all kinds of your contributions and corrections.

Meanwhile, for those wondering what happened to seafarers whom Kolomb left behind in the island; ''Deduction'' becomes an investment by chance and seafarers trying to defeat their hunger by eating fruits on the island get rid of the disease by eliminating the lack of Vitamin C. After that, they seize the island which they further name 'Curaçao' meaning ''Treatment’’ in Portuguese.

Keep an eye on the clouds, 

Gündüz İlsever
Çamlı Tasarruf Harcama Money Saving Heave

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