Risk Management In Our Changing World

Risk Management In Our Changing World

Risk is an essential element to be considered in business world. It is assumed as the possible losses affecting aims of businesses negatively.

Taking out a policy, was the only thing for corporate risk management in the mid 20th century. Besides, the common sectors were finance and security at those times.

From past to today, many changes have occurred in our approaches for risk perception and management. There are some dynamics of today’s risk management approach as stated below…

  • Risk culture should spread to whole levels of companies and thus, risk intelligence should be created.
  • Risk management is a strategic priority in businesses. It is a structure that is integrated to daily work flows. Principally, it is an obligation and priority beyond being just an option.
  • Adaptability is one of the most important dynamics in businesses.
  • Data analysis is another important dynamic. Analytic resolutions, enable companies to reach data easily.
  • The fact of balancing risk and return, is a requirement.
  • Being able to handle risk management is very important.

How much should we take risk in life?

According to some of the philosophers, people are the only living creatures taking risk. People are able to differentiate good and bad things or beneficial and harmful behaviours. The most important risk in life is to survive and this survival is the main motivation source of people. We know how to protect ourselves from danger or threat and survive. First of all, we should realize the risks in life and minimize the possibilities. Then, we should continue our survival by taking reasonable risks.

How should we protect ourselves from Corona Virus?

Nowadays, we are having difficult times. We should take required precautions against virus, take care of our health and remain distant to each other. We should look at the future with hope instead of losing time by thinking negative things. Let us concentrate on hope, love and success.

Quoted from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; the leader of our country…

“In fact, there aren’t any hopeless situations, but it is true that there are hopeless people in life. I have never been a person losing my hope.”

Süleyman Güler
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