Two Champions at The World Cup

Two Champions at The World Cup

Pectators; Brazil was the host to the biggest sports organizations after the Olympics, FIFA World Cup in 2014 and again the interest in football, which is the world’s most popular sport has been high. During the finals, 32 teams from 5 continents competed. Even though the games took place in Brazil, which is in South America, football enthusiasts from all around the world, from Cameroon, Bosnia Herzegovina, Australia and Russia to Japan, Ghana, Algeria and Portugal were ready at the tribunes to support their own countries. When we consider it particularly from the perspective of the spectators, the meaning of the games pointed to something beyond football. The supporters of countries such as USA, Iran and Argentina, which have had political and military problems in the recent past, were able to take part in the same tournament and even in the same games. All of the spectators from various countries sat at the tribunes in a mixed way around the tribunes, in a spirit that would suit the spirit of the sport itself, without having to divide the tribunes into two and no major problems were encountered. In fact, the objective of these kinds of major organizations was actually to bring out peace and friendship, as well as the uniting properties of the sport and with regards to this aspect, we have seen some really nice images.

The super league games in our country will start on August 29, 2014. It is our biggest wish to see the supporter profile that we have watched during the World Cup, where profanity and misconducts are prevented and to see the tribunes in the same spirit with the sport itself. We believe that if we leave the games with positive impressions and good feelings, these will be reflected in our daily lives, work places and in our families.

The teams; The World Cup was highly interesting and enjoyable with respect to the results from the qualification matches in the first round till the final game. Each country was confident about winning. While Spain stressed that it is the world’s last champion, Argentine insisted that they had the world’s best player, Messi.  While USA was saying, we have learnt football, England reflected a proud attitude pointing to the fact that they have taught the world how to play football. Portugal trusted in Ronaldo, who was selected as the world’s best football player by FIFA, while Brazil trusted in Neymar and believed that they had the advantage of being the host country. France and Italy were bragging about their past successes and were in the mood of claiming that they know this game the best.

While another country was preparing for its aim for 8 years with the same technical team and in a planned and organized way. This country did not say it had the world’s best goalkeeper or the player. It stressed that they were a team and their strength was actually coming from being a team. Yes and it did happen and the cup was won by Germany and appreciated by all, which had trained consistently and acted as a team first and foremost, instead of those countries, which had the world stars or said that they had won the most games in the past. The most important factor that led them to the cup was of course the fact that they could act as a team. 

Here the point that I will compare is the fact that since the day our company was incorporated, we had always acted as a team in any field we had operated. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to carry out business for long years. We, as the company’s employees, act in line with the understanding that underlines “our consumers and customers come first”, which is one of our most important corporate values along with communication and collaboration between the departments and we are in total cooperation and display a teamwork with all of our business partners. For this reason, for years we have built an expanding employee and customer network and have established a success scale that keeps going up. As our founder Mr. Selçuk Yaşar indicates, with the understanding that highlights "Science, Unity, Success" we will continue to manufacture healthy and high quality products for long years. 

Süleyman Güler
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