What Does My Producer Want?

What Does My Producer Want?

Companies which adopt ‘ The Quality Life ‘ principle can be defined as surviving corporations. Problems and restrictions are sometimes possible to be seen in the workflow. This doesn’ t mean a failure. Contrary to this, the most important thing is to overcome and survive. Besides, the companies which achieve these bear the palm. 

In response to the ‘ Compared to what is your quality superior? ‘ question;

‘ These qualities are available in firm A, but the others are not available. Qualities which don’ t exist in firm A, are available in firm B, so none of them are superb. But, when the qualities in our firm are observed broadly, our superior taste is going to remark by being faultless. ‘

Such an answer is necessary for being able to differentiate ourselves in comparison with others. 

Quality products are understood from their releasing style. For example; they are considerably assertiveness. But they don’ t prefer to show their assertiveness by exaggerating it by words. They remain distant as a principle and appear with substantial evidences. Furthermore, they stand with obscure colors, they prefer to progress toward their aims and accordingly use bright or cold color and simple but catchy symbols for the logo and the slogan. 

Since Çamlı has established, there has been a question in our minds; ‘ What does my producer want? ‘ This is such an essential question that sets our objective. Their demands direct us and help us finding our rotation. 

What does my producer want? First of all; he demands qualified, reliable and easily accessible service from us. Instead, he works in the nature of the given service and consecrates himself to his job. He always tries to do his best in all of the situations. 

That is the reason why I firstly referred to quality. Because, our producers look for the best ways of healthy nutrition and try to provide them the most suitable conditions for breeding. Our animals should be healthy that efficiency will be possible to mention about both for their meat and milk.  

We promise reliability to our consumers by always being one step ahead from others as an industry- leading firm.

The reliability factor is as important as quality. In fact; there is always a need for these two fundemantal concepts in every sector. Because, if a brand promises its’ target audience reliability; this is going to mean that the mentioned brand is always going to have customers and these customers are going to develop those brands no doubtly. Therefore, our duty is to stand on with our quality and reliable approach to be able to be their long- term preference and privilege our brand from others. 

Thirdly and lastly; I would like to mention about the ‘ easily accessibility ‘ concept. Especially social media will be a good example when today’ s world is thought. 

Nowadays, activeness at least one social channel is a must for the success of firms. By this way, they are going to gain targeted places both in the market and in the minds of consumers/ producers and the concept of consciousness is going to appear. 

As it can be predicted, the first and primary social media channel is ‘ Facebook ‘. The reason why companies mostly use this channel is because of their demand for reaching to the maximum amount of people. ‘ Facebookholic ‘ people live, share, enjoy, follow, comment, observe, decide and prefer here. In fact; it is going to be more favorable to define these people as ‘ Social Media Addictors ‘. 

They easily make the analysis of 5N 1K via this channel and find their answers. 

  • I use X product of the Y brand. I also follow its’ advertisements that are published on Facebook and as you predict; I am one of the followers of this site!
  • Look at the written comments here! In my opinion, these will cause a feeling of insecurity on people; the fans of the brand... I am undecided between purchasing and not purchasing from now on!

The second and the most beneficial one for a corporate identity is ‘ Linkedin ‘. Because, everybody has a common aim here; to go one step forward by advertising themselves and speaks the same language here; marketing! 

  • Who am I indeed?
  • Which phases have I completed until today?
  • What is my aim for existing?
  • Did I achieve my aims?
  • What is my next step going to be?

The third and the new- trend one is ‘ Instagram ‘. Every people or companies give importance to their individual/ corporate identities in this channel and all of them are being evaluated according to their designing and persuasive abilities. 


  • We believe our power to gain achievements and to reach success! Because... 

AN IMAGE is shared in the page to defense our thesis.


  • We work and effort without compromising from our quality! Because...

AN IMAGE is shared in the page to defense our thesis.


  • We always renew ourselves! Because...

AN IMAGE is shared in the page to defense our thesis.

In my opinion, these 3 channels are the most important ones for development. We are conscious about the fact that; in consequence of active social media usage, awareness is going to be created on our target audience and by this way, we are going to gain an important place in the market. 

Quality, reliability and easily accessibility are all together...

Our aim is our success via the happiness of our producers and the health of our animals. 

The hands that we hold is yours, the ways that we walk is ours. 

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İdil Yengil
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